Gabrielle’s first experience painting a still life was a pivotal one. After working as a freelance natural history illustrator for many years, she was intrigued by the novelty of painting a subject that didn’t move or fly away. To further her skills, Gabrielle studied oil painting and printmaking at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Four years after her first forays into the genre, Gabrielle is still delving into the

fascinating world of still life, challenging herself with each new piece. Along the way, she has discovered a deep love of painting glass and pears.

Gabrielle credits her father, a science teacher, amateur photographer and painter, as well as an outdoorsman, for shaping her lifelong enthusiasm for nature and art.

Gabrielle is also an experienced instructor and offers classes and workshops in drawing, painting, and pen & ink for students of all levels and abilities.

Gabrielle currently lives in southeast Idaho with her ginger-haired husband and ginger-haired cat.

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